Life at Cypad Sri Lanka

Cypad Sri Lanka is proud of the unique work experience provided that promote career growth in a healthy and relaxed environment.

Work Environment

We provide all the tools and equipment necessary to make your job easier. Comfortable and relaxed work environment brings out the creative and innovative side. We understand the importance of work-life balance, and embrace flexible working arrangements.

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It is not just about developing software. It is also about the development of important human connections and interpersonal skills. A little adventure away from the office every now and again is the ideal opportunity for the team to bond and enjoy.

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Relaxed Workplace

We work with complex requirements. Sometimes a little break is all you need to reset the thinking process. A quick game of chess, an adventure in a virtual world or even just a coffee break while having a friendly chat with the colleagues.

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Dinner Outs

Hopping out for a dinner in that fancy new restaurant everyone is talking about is the best way to take a break from routine work. Smiles and laughs all around the table, forget everything else and enjoy little things while appreciating the company of work family.

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Personal Development

No two individuals are the same. We identify skills and talents of each person and form a bespoke career development program that recognises the individuality. Regular opportunities are provided to develop leadership and management capabilities. Timely feedback and necessary guidance helps everyone achieve their ideal career experience.

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Teamwork is an important aspect in any organisation. Regularly hosted events bring the entire team together for a bit of fun and strengthen the spirit of friendship.

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