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Cypad Sri Lanka team has been developing mobile and web based applications for the UK clients for nearly a decade. These applications are being used by a variety of their catering sector users for backend administrative tasks and thousands of schools for their day-to-day meal selection and kitchen related tasks.


Technologies in the software world is continuously changing. Cypad Sri Lanka helps move you ahead of the rest of your competitors by utilising latest trends in software development landscape. As an agile software company, we excel at tackling complex requirements that keep evolving. Being located on a different time zone has added advantages to software distribution process which helps in smooth upgrades and deliveries, not affecting the clients.
Cypad Sri Lanka team has been developing mobile and web based applications for the UK clients (Cypad and ParentPay) for nearly a decade. These applications are being used by a variety of their catering sector users for backend administrative tasks and thousands of schools for their day-to-day meal selection and kitchen related tasks.
We can help you achieve your software development requirements cost effectively, keeping the quality of the deliverables to the highest standard.

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Meet the Team

Cypad Sri Lanka is a well-established, stable organisation with structured processes in place to manage day-to-day work. Open culture and the flexibility in work arrangements allow us to work more freely when achieving both business and personal goals. Individually catered growth processes makes it the perfect place for me to achieve my career objectives.

If you are eager to work in an environment where your personal development targets can be achieved and support is given to progress through your career, Cypad is the place for you.
Minon Dilshani - Quality Assurance Engineer
Cypad Sri Lanka started its operations with very few employees and over the years managed to spread its roots firmly. Not only the company managed to grow in size but also the quality of the work environment. The team does not know the meaning of the term “tension in the office” because of the freedom provided.

This is a place to build up your career with a lot of support from colleagues as well as the company. Cypad Sri Lanka welcomes everyone who likes to improve their knowledge and loves to add that knowledge into their products.
Viraj Silva- Senior Software Engineer
Cypad Sri Lanka organises get togethers and day outings regularly to remind us it is not just about work. We are provided with tools and hardware to enable us to multitask and bring out the best in us. Opportunities are given to learn and apply new technologies. Comprehensive medical insurance provided by the company is only the cherry on top.
Rumesh Lahiru- Software Engineer
Compared to other workplaces, I find Cypad Sri Lanka to be a more relaxed environment. Colleagues are very friendly and supportive. This makes it easier to navigate through and understand various software solutions the company develops. I particularly like the opportunity and encouragement provided to gain professional qualifications.
Oshadi Mudugamuwa- Associate Software QA Analyst
Cypad Sri Lanka gives a great opportunity to reach our future goals. The company can be recommended as a great place to work with a friendly environment and a highly skilled staff, and allows us to acquire knowledge on new technologies. I never felt stressed while working, as all the team members work and help as a family.

The company also helps to relax our minds by organising outings, games and many other events for our pleasure. Cypad is a place where one can develop their skills and build their career to a higher level. As a young employee, I highly appreciate the flexible working arrangements in Cypad Sri Lanka.
Shahani Intikab- Associate Software QA Analyst
After a long and arduous journey along the career path, I finally found the ideal workplace I have been looking for all this time. Comradery of Cypad colleagues helps you fit right in. I made lasting friendships with co-workers I will cherish in days to come. I love the freedom and encouragement given to think outside the box.

Happy developers write better code, which is a win-win for both the company and employees. Cypad understands this and provides flexible work arrangements among various other things to ensure your well-being and tranquil state of mind.
Roshan Fernando- Senior Software Engineer
I have been with Cypad Sri Lanka for four years and it has been a wonderful experience working in here. I was able to grow a great deal professionally and it would not be possible without the Cypad team.

Since I have joined, the company has grown and it is very pleasing. The company culture, its greatest strength, is very relaxing. The company has the full potential to become the next big software project company in Sri Lanka.
Chanaka Lekamge- Senior Software Engineer
Cypad Sri Lanka is a company with a fantastic outlook, and it is a great opportunity for prospective employees to work in the company. As a newcomer to the IT industry, I also have learned a lot of things from this company.

With a friendly staff, working as a team is fun and collectively, we all can work without any stress here. As an employee in Cypad, I could take part in a variety of extra activities. So, I would like to recommend Cypad Sri Lanka as a great start for newcomers to the IT field as well as industry veterans.
Vishathri Weerasinghe- Intern QA Analyst
At Cypad Sri Lanka, I get to work on latest technology while following effective coding conventions. Exposure to full stack software development with diverse technology stack provides me the opportunity to learn and grow. the company always recruits the ideal person for the job. You can count on being surrounded by smart and talented people.
Prabhath Withanage- Software Engineer
Cypad Sri Lanka touched my heart as the company has given me an amazing opportunity to work as a QA Analyst. It is a genuine pleasure to work in a friendly environment and with kind and talented colleagues. I think one of the most interesting things about my job is the variety of work, and exploring how these interconnected systems come together is akin to solving a jigsaw puzzle, which means that my days are exciting. I get involved in testing in several different tasks. Day by day, I am shaped into a talented tester by Cypad with the opportunity to experience various new technologies.
Monika Vijayanthi- Associate Software QA Analyst
Being experts on both mobile and web applications, Cypad Sri Lanka provides me opportunity to gain knowledge and experience in various aspects of software development. We get to work on new and exciting technologies because the company keeps the products up-to-date by utilising latest technology trends.
Hiran Chathuranga- Software Engineer
Our company has a clear vision of the future and a solid plan to get there. We all contribute towards that plan, individually and as a team by following simple, well-defined short term goals. We work together as a family, supporting each other.
Sajith Thiwanka- QA Automation Engineer
Cypad Sri Lanka offers a competitive all-in-one package with a range of benefits. Focus on the career development and the encouragement to move on to other roles helps us immensely with the professional growth. If you are looking for a hassle-free, friendly working environment where work-life balance can be maintained, look no further than Cypad Sri Lanka.
Thiwanka Perera- General Manager IT
Cypad Sri Lanka employs highly skilled, passionate people and provide ample opportunity to grow. That is what makes our team standout, and we are able to deliver exceptional software solutions.

With nearly a decade of experience in providing complex yet intuitive applications and the recognition for delivering products that exceeds the expectations, Cypad Sri Lanka sets the benchmark on quality software development.
Hiran Edirisinghe- Software Development Manager